Curated Tours

Curated Tours

Curated Tours

We have no Schedule, we have no programed tour.
Our job is to make every visit special by creating unique tour
according to our customer’s interest. If you are an artist, a business man,
a humanitarian person or are just interest in architecture, art,
cuban history or any topic we can show you what you need.

We have team of professional tour guides ready to fullfil your expectations and to satisfy your curiosity.

Walking Tour


Walk in the streets of old Havana the same paths used by Jose Marti and The Paris Gentleman.
Learn how it used to be back in our colonial time. All the secret stories, of an enchanted city.
You can choose our generalized tour, or more speacilized such as Old Havana squares, A Walk through our walls.

Architecture Tour

Havana in the Republic Periode

The republic periode starts in 1898 with the independence from Spain,
and last until the triunf of the revolution in 1959. Havana remains frozen. 
In the time when elevators wew intented. In a period where all 
the great american fortunes were held in this city. That is why we are able 
to observe the most importnat architectural movements in extraordinary quality.


Visual arts has always been one of the main atractions of cuban culture.
Art Tour experience offers specialize tours throug contemporary cuban art and history.
We  focus our work in provide you an updated experience of whats happening in Cuba
in matters of art, not only in state galleries but on alternative spaces too.We organize tours
to satisfy your interest and expetations were we include main galleries , museums, urban art,
social art projects, workshops with childrens, among others.


There are many things for which cuba is know for, but for sure one of the most relevant is tabaco.
Get the chance to learn and see, why Cuban cigars are the best in the world.
We offer 2  spealized tours. One takes to the land where the leaves are grown,
and offer a unique experience of visiting the farm of one of the best known familys in the tabaco world.
The other tour allows you to visit a factory where they are handcrafted, observe workers make them,
learn about quailty control, names and sizes.